10 Types of Honeymoon for Every Couple - Purely Honeymoons

The first thought that any newly engaged couples often ask when thinking about their honeymoons is, what type of honeymoon do we want to go on?

There are lots of different types of honeymoons that you and your partner can decide on. Some of the favourites amongst honeymoons are city, beach and safari. Choosing the type of honeymoon is best for you is the perfect exercise to do as a couple. Sit down and brainstorm some of your hobbies, interests and passions to get a better understanding of what you both want from your honeymoon.

Before you start to narrow down some of your options, you need to look at all of the types of honeymoon that you can go on. From these honeymoon types, you should be able to narrow them down and decide together on which one you choose.

1. City Honeymoon

A city honeymoon is packed full of culture, shopping, activities, entertainment and dining experiences that suit even the most picky eaters. City breaks offer couples the chance to explore a mini country within a country and immerse themselves in the heart of their dream destination. Whether you’re looking to catch an open bus top tour previewing the history of London or want to explore the secret alleys of Melbourne, city breaks compact a whole lot of fun in a small area.

Is a city honeymoon right for us?

If you have a medium sized budget or more then a city break would definitely be in budget, cities can get expensive due to their locations and population. Cities are great for couples who love to immerse themselves in culture and history, those who enjoy finding secret little spots. Most of the worlds largest cities have sophisticated public transport systems so travelling to landmarks can be stress free and enjoyable. 

2. Beach Honeymoon

Not only is a beach holiday the ultimate escape for relaxation and tranquilly but has some fantastic health benefits for the body and mind. Swimming and water based exercise activities are good fo the heart, a swim in the sea will help tone and firm your skin Whether you are looking to sunbathe on Seagrass Bay in Fjij or swim in the untouched shores of Bathsheba Beach, Barbados, beach honeymoons are guaranteed relax your souls.

Is a beach honeymoon right for us?

If you enjoy warmer climates, crystal clear waters and want to both relax on your honeymoon then this option is perfect for you. Booking a beach honeymoon often means stunning sea views from your hotel as well tranquil walks along the sand. The major drawback to this type of honeymoon is cost, if you’re travelling from a cooler climate country then flights could be long and expensive if you’re looking for that extra legroom. 

3. Cruise Honeymoon

Cruises have come a long way from their ‘just for old people’ stereotype, they have become floating cities catering for every couples needs. The choice to visit multiple worldwide ports, dine at Michelin star restaurants and watch the worlds cutting edge shows are just some of the reasons to choose this honeymoon type. Packages can get expensive depending on the number of destinations, the size of the cruise liner and the length of stay that you’re both looking for.

Is a cruise honeymoon right for us?

If you are looking for a one stop honeymoon option plus the opportunity to visit multiple destinations then a cruise honeymoon is your best option. Cruises aren’t just for old people, honeymooners are turning their attention to cruises for their endless possibilities of on board entertainment, food and accommodation. If you are both looking to save time and book a honeymoon package, this all inclusive option is suited to you. 

4. Skiing Honeymoon

There is something magical a ski holiday, we’re not sure if it’s the stunning views or the chance to cosy up post skiing in front of a log fire with your loved one. They are great for beginners or those seasoned couples who can carve it up on the slopes. Some of the worlds best resorts are located in the Northern hemisphere, you can choose from the Rocky Mountains in Canada, the Swiss Alps, plus more. Remember, you aren’t just limited to skiing, you can take up snowboarding, sledging and winter olympic sports such as curling.

Is a skiing honeymoon right for us?

If you both love extreme sports (and the cold), then a skiing holiday is your chance to honeymoon in stunning locations within cosy romantic lodgings. Choosing a skiing honeymoon is ideally suited to couples who love their winter sports or looking to try something new. The chance to get warm and cosy next to a fire in a rustic cabin lodge is the perfect way to strengthen your newlywed bond, Be aware that this type of honeymoon comes at a cost; lessons, ski passes, ski attire and accommodation in peak season does drive the price up. 

5. Campervan/RV Honeymoon

The freedom of being able to jump in and out of your vehicle at your own pace is what attracts most couples to this type of honeymoon. You can choose almost any destination in the world to explore, whether it be through the picturesque countries in Europe of hitting Route 66 across the coasts. What draws people to this type of honeymoon is that they can explore at their own pace as well as be spontaneous with where their trip takes them. 

Is a campervan/RV right for us?

Campervan and RV honeymoons are the perfect excuse to hit the open road and gives you the option to stop where you want, see what you want and relax where you want. A road trip is perfect start to any honeymoon, if you love to both explore new places and spend unlimited time in each others company then this is for you. If you have a limited budget then this can be a great money saving trip, you can keep the costs low with your own cooking facilities and sleeping arrangements.

6. Theme Park Honeymoon

Theme park honeymoons are full of fun, excitement and adrenaline fuelled memories. Most of the worlds largest theme parks offer accommodation close to their park with free transfers and VIP packages. The obvious choice is Disneyland, for decades it has been the dubbed the happiest place on earth for both adults and children. With multiple sites across the world, you can make this type of honeymoon one to remember for years to come. 

Is a theme park honeymoon right for us?

Theme parks are tremendous fun and bring out the kids in all of us, from the thrilling rides to the park attractions, the fun never stops. If you are a patient couple who love to have fun then this is the perfect honeymoon type for you both. Theme parks are often filled with families and children, if you have a family yourself, this would be perfect for a family honeymoon that you can all enjoy.

7. Luxury Honeymoon

You’re about to get married and commit yourself to one another. That’s enough cause for celebration, it’s time to invest in something luxurious to celebrate. Luxury doesn’t just mean the location, it’s everything from the moment you set foot our of your house until you return home. Luxury means stunning destinations, airport lounges, upgraded flight, chauffeurs, 5 star accommodation, mouth watering food and once in a lifetime experiences.

Is a luxury honeymoon right for us?

If money isn’t an issue and you both love the finer things in life then this is the perfect honeymoon type for you. After a stressful planning process and emotional exhilarating wedding day, you both deserve to relax, unwind and treat yourselves to a once in a lifetime experience. Luxury holidays are ideal for couples who want to be treated like kings and queens and have every need satisfied. 

8. Island Honeymoon

Similar to a luxury honeymoon, choosing to spend your holiday on an island can be an experience incomparable to any other. This is the chance to find a private stretch of land that you can share with your new partner, in privacy and luxury. This is the ultimate type of ultimate if you are looking to indulge yourselves in romance. 

Is an island honeymoon right for us?

If you enjoy each others company in the purest form and want to enjoy your honeymoon in a secluded location then this is the ideal option for you. Island honeymoons offer an unrivalled romantic experience that will take your breath away. There are only a handful of islands that are considered the worlds best, our favourites include the Likuliku Lagoon Resort in Fiji and North Island, Seychelles. 

9. Backpacking Honeymoon

Backpacking is a low cost type of travelling and is often associated with longer durations of travel, at least a few months in most cases. With just a backpack on your back, they are great vacations for people who like to keep their feet on the ground and move at their own pace through continents and countries. Backpackers usually look for the cheapest food, accommodation and travel to lengthen their trip.

Is a backpacking honeymoon right for us?

If you have a limited budget for your trip then backpacking should be considered as your best option. Travelling cheap means that you might need to always be looking at the cheapest transport and accommodation but don’t let that you put you off. You will be staying in guest houses and hostels but if you are both sociable and outgoing, you’ll be able to share your honeymoon with other amazing people.

10. Safari Honeymoon

Becoming increasingly popular as a honeymoon type, Safaris offer the chance to see nature in its purest form, watching animals living in their natural undisturbed habitats. Safaris aren’t just limited to sitting in the back of a jeep and observing from a distance. You can now drive your own vehicles through national parks, walk on land with armed rangers by your side or ride horseback. 

Is a safari honeymoon right for us?

If you love both love an adventure and have fondness towards wildlife then this honeymoon type is perfect for you both. Be sure to both choose the type of safari that suits you best, from small romantic campsites to larger complexes that sometimes offer morning giraffe feeding. ‘Safari Season’ plays a key factor here, if you are looking to safari in south or East Africa then June to October is ideal.

What are your top 3 honeymoon types? Are you both agreeing on the type of honeymoon that you want to go on? Be sure to drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.