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You have spent months booking your dream destination and accommodation and now must be thinking, what will we actually do on our honeymoon?

There are lots of things that you can do on your honeymoon, everything from planned activities to spur of the moment things. You want to make your honeymoon special so be sure to plan activities that you both love as well as enjoying moments that you will treasure forever.

Before you start your honeymoon trip, you should do some pre-planning and select a few honeymoon activities you would both like to do. Many couples will think that making love and sleeping in bed together are the key things to do but there are many more activities that will increase that bond and love between you both.

It’s essential for couples to snuggle up in bed, but it’s obvious that they you will both need to switch it up little bit. Below are ideas of 15 amazing things that you can both do your honeymoon.

1. Begin with a Couple’s Soothing Massage 

If it happens that you’re both tired from your trip or stressed from your wedding, a soothing massage will be very essential for a perfect start. The importance of a massage is to help you both relax as well as get you in the mood for adventure, love, or other activities you both prefer to do. Other benefits of couple’s message will include:

  • Helps in reducing joint pain: massage can relieve joint pains which are experienced due to long and tiresome journeys by couples.
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Promotes flexibility: during honeymoon couples may want to be flexible to engage in the honeymoon activities they’ve planned for. 
  • Combats stress and built up tension

2. Read a Romantic Book

In your planning don’t forget to carry a romantic novel which you can read out loud to your partner. You might think it’s embarrassing but there are some steamy novels to choose from which might ignite further passion. These novels are usually X rated and descriptive, enough to get you both in the mood. The obvious choice is “50 Shades of Grey” but try and do your research on something less mainstream.

3. Disconnect

Are you perplexed about what you will do during your honeymoon? A great way to discount from the world is to promise one other to only check to your emails or social media once daily. In addition, it’s key to disconnect from other individuals from the outside world as your honeymoon should be shared between just the two of you.

Consider turning your phones so that you can have ample time to enjoy each other. Focus on leaving your laptops and iPads at the hotel to minimize destructions, and try to resist the urge of posting all over social media.

4. Go on an Adventure

It is, therefore, obvious that the destinations you selected have different activities from what you’ve been used to. For instance, if you’ve been staying near an ocean, go for a hike instead of a swimming session. Hiking is essential in releasing endorphins which helps you in obtaining a loving mood. Other adventurous activities include:  

  • Kayaking: Couples should paddle to a secluded area of beach for privacy. Kayaking is a known outdoors activity where couples can have a good time with each other whilst keeping fit.
  • Scuba Diving: Research the world of graceful manta rays, coral gardens, a shark’s lair, and maybe see a flapping sea turtle.
  • Microlight Flights: This is the perfect way to get an overview of your Honeymoon location, not advised if either of you are scared of heights.
woman kayaking
Kayaking on your honeymoon is a great way for you both to enjoy each others company in open spaces

5. Carry various types of Lingerie

Each and every day of your honeymoon should be accompanied by a different kind of lingerie. To make it more romantic, have your partner pick it for you. In addition, you should choose sexy lingerie which will increase moods and motivate your partner.

6. Set the Tone

In order to create an amazing atmosphere, you should gather candles, put on some romantic music, room freshener, massage oil, a glass of bottle champagne, and a sweet-scented rose flower. Get romantic with one another, enjoy a steamy bath and some naughty times that follow.

7. Order Room Service

After a long trip, you’ll probably both be tired so don’t worry to much about your first evening. Try not go out on the first night or the next morning. Make sure that you get enough rest to feel full refreshed for your honeymoon, making sure you time your sleep to avoid jet lag. This is the perfect occasion to order room service and snack in bed. Consider ordering some food that you can have fun with like strawberries, a bottle of wine, chocolate, oysters, and cheesecake.

8. Turn on your Camera

We aren’t talking about endless selfies and uploads to Facebook and Instagram. Try looking into buying a polaroid camera for your trip, it’s a great way to capture those one off moments. Whether it be both relaxing at the beach, relaxing on your hotel balcony or at dinner, these photos can be treasured memories.

9. Reflect and get to know one another even better

Are you still confused about how to make your honeymoon amazing? You probably know a lot about one another already but take some time to have deep and meaningful conversations with one another as a married couple. The honeymoon is a great time to unwind and enjoy sharing stories about your wedding, how you both felt and what things were your most favourite.

10. Get involved in Pillow Fights

You should consider keeping things upbeat and fun. Couples should laugh and play together. A pillow fight will help forge bonding and connection with each other. In addition, the tickling session which is viewed as old fashioned can also do.

11. Hit the Nightlife Spots

Focusing on looking for an amazing outdoor activity like finding a night club where you can both dance, chat and enjoy some drinks . For safety purposes, ask your hotel and other guests where they have been. Exploring new bars and immersing in the local nightlife will bring you closer to the destination and divulge in the culture.

12. Organize for a Private Dinner

A large number of hotels will set up dinner for couples in a private area. Beach clubs usually do their dinner on the beach for the couples while mountain resorts usually do dinner in the quiet location of a forest. Organize for a private dinner with your hotel so that you can surprise your spouse.

13. Watch the Sunrise

After a lovely and comfortable night, wake up early to watch the sunrise with your beloved spouse.You should think about your new beginning and acknowledge this beautiful moment as your first married sunrise together. It’s those special moments seeing nature in all of it’s natural beauty that really strengthens that marital bond,

couple kissing with sunset in background
Sunrises and Sunsets are both romantic and stunning, cuddle up with a blanket and some snacks

14. Look for Exotic New Foods

It is essential for couples to try various new foods together. A large number of these meals can boost couples romance. You probably both explore the food the options when researching the destination but always try to eat what the locals eat. Not only will you keep the costs low but it’s a chance for you to both try something new.

15. Look for a Winery

We all love to drink wine right? You should focus on finding a winery whereby the two of you will go for the wine tasting session. A large number of this wineries will be glad to set wine tasting and romantic dinners for couples.

Perfect honeymoon tips for couples 

  • Book early: You should start thinking about a honeymoon immediately after you are aware of your wedding date. This will help you in selecting the perfect things to do on your honeymoon. It is key to consider the peak season of any destination before you plan for the destination to minimize inconvenience.
  • Keep in mind this is the best time for relaxing: Do not focus on overbooking yourself on sightseeing adventures. A good long honeymoon is essential. One should not stress himself about work or home, he should take things easy and relax.  
  • Go as a couple: Going with friends, kids, and family on a honeymoon can bring many inconveniences in many areas. Honeymoon requires an alone time and privacy between you both. If you do need to travel as a family, then make sure you find things for all of the family to enjoy.
  • Make sure your honeymoon location have a favourable weather condition: If you have picked a tropical area, you should be aware that these areas have rain seasons and should be researched before hand. On the other hand, individuals who pick mountain locations should be aware of snow and how this might affect your planned activities.
  • Turn off the alarms: You don’t have to wake early in your honeymoon since you are on a break. Sleep is very essential in your honeymoon thus you should sleep each and every day.  
  • Get social: Social amenities should be available on your honeymoon location, make sure that you are close to restaurants, bars and amenities.
  • Time: Time is an important time to consider when planning a honeymoon occasion. Note that time is a key factor that influences weather, the number of individuals having their vacation, cost of honeymoon packages, and the availability of accommodation. You should consider the perfect timing so that you can make your honeymoon successful. 
  • Honeymoon packages: There are thousands of honeymoon packages to select from, thus making it challenging to find a perfect one. Honeymoon packages are highly discussed on the internet. It is therefore easy to pick the right honeymoon package that suits your needs.
  • Budget: It’s not possible to explore any destination without a budget. Your budget should be directly proportional to things you need to do on your honeymoon.  
  • Travel insurance: Travel insurance is a key item for couples leaving for oversea states. This will be a cover for unfortunate illnesses, if you get robbed, or if your luggage goes missing.   

What things are you planning on doing when on your honeymoon? Do you like some of our ideas? Be sure to drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.