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A cheap honeymoon is the dream of all the bride and groom, especially after all the expense and stress that organizing a wedding entails.

Now, you’re supposed to have a dream honeymoon, but are you worried about the costs? Don’t compromise your ideal travel and breaking the bank, it’s possible to have a cheap, quality and fulfilling honeymoon with careful timing and planning.

Your honeymoon can and should be unforgettable, you don’t have to spend millions to make your dream come true and here’s proof.

1. Wish List + Cost Estimate

Whether it’s a trip abroad to some destination or within your own country, there will always be a little place of dreams that we want to visit. In the company of your fiancé, make a list of destinations you would like to visit and research prices with reliable agencies.

These estimates will help eliminate out-of-budget countries and will also help you find far more economical havens than you imagined. Taking time to inform yourself and discard destinations outside the budget will make you feel relieved and focused to make the dream journey.

Having chosen the destination and the desired honeymoon experiences, make a wedding list at the travel agency of your choice and try letting guests know that instead of buying a gift, they can contribute to your honeymoon.

2. Advance Purchase

It’s no secret to anyone, but it’s always good to remember: the later you leave it to book your honeymoon trip, the more expensive it will be! In addition, the high season the values ​​undergo adjustments and this can be a downer for travelling to your dream destination.

Imagine missing out on the opportunity to spend your honeymoon in places like Seychelles or the paradise of Costa Rica just for having the attitude of “leaving it for later”?

Your honeymoon is the best reward in the world for those of you spending the whole year devoting yourselves to the preparation of marriage. Booking your trip as soon as possible, in addition to saving money, can avoid the stress of leaving to solve everything at the last minute!

3. Search for all Competitive Options

The destination may be the same, but if you search through various travel agencies, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of price difference and even unique advantages.

For example: Agency X can offer the best price for the tickets + accommodation + transfer, in compensation the agency Y can offer a hotel of superior quality (with coffee and dinner) in a better location. Then the secret is to put everything in the tip of the pencil to receive the best for the lowest price!

To get competitive options here are some other tips:

Prefers the low season

Getting married in high season months means paying almost everything dearer. The services are crowded and they you will be paying premium for the excess of demand. Travel in low season and escape the festive seasons, you will both benefit from discounts on travel and accommodation.

couple walking on beach alone
Booking a beach holiday honeymoon is the perfect time for empty waters and family free relaxing

Even if the wedding is in the high season, postponing the Honeymoon a little to travel in the off-season can compensate quite financially. During the off-season, not only the tickets are usually cheaper, but also the prices of tours and services.

In addition, in the off-season, destinations tend to be more empty. And so you can enjoy the trip to two with more romanticism and tranquility, without worrying about crowded attractions.

Just be sure to check the climatic conditions of the destination in the low season so you will not be disappointed with the weather.

Stay tuned for promotions

If you already participate in any airline mileage program, make sure you make up for those miles saved when buying your tickets and for other services at the destination.

In any case, to spend less on Honeymoon, keep an eye on airline promotions and be sure to sign up to their newsletters for last minute honeymoon flight deals.

Research on the destination and plan for extra expenses

Even those who have chosen an all inclusive honeymoon travel package will probably still need some extra spending money for their honeymoon. Be sure to think of the little things such as taxis, restaurants, bars, tips or even travel souvenirs.

To spend less and enjoy the honeymoon trip better, it’s best to search everything at the destination beforehand and take note of things that you want to do. This way you can discover attractions of interest (including free options and alternatives), economy-specific tips for the place (such as good and cheap restaurants or more places to buy souvenirs), etc.

With good research, you can better plan yourself to make all the expenses fit into the budget.

4. Carefully Choose the Date of the Wedding

While we might be in the middle of Winter, with our jackets always at hand and the snow on the roofs, the other half of the world enjoys its Summer, something that you can take advantage of during your honeymoon.

Getting married in Winter may seem a risky option, but the truth is, you can save a lot of money both in the organization of the wedding and in your honeymoon. An example might be; heading to Spain, still low season to travel but the prices of the trip to the destination are much cheaper.

So, if you’ve both always dreamed of cruising in the Caribbean, break with the inertia and take advantage of the low season to give a touch of warmth to the Winter.

5. Alternative Means of Transport?

Unfortunately, one of the issues that conditions most of the budget when it comes to organizing a trip is almost always transportation. The mere fact of having to take a plane brings with it a whole series of additional expenses that, especially in the long term, making your honeymoon much more expensive.

campervan headed towards mountains
Ever thought about renting a camper and going on a road trip? They are cheap to run and have all your amenities on board

If you can’t afford to pay those prices, you can consider other means of transport for your honeymoon. Trains, boats and even camper vans are alternative means to a plane, perhaps transfering you to the place of your dreams at a much more affordable price.

If you have the option, bet on this alternative means of transport and remember that the most important thing of your honeymoon will not be how you travel. It’s the fact that you are enjoying the time being newlyweds together and, why not start it with that odd quirky road trip.

6. There is Life Beyond the Resort

When we think about our honeymoon, we always imagine ourselves staying in luxury hotels and in large resorts with a lot of attractions and apartments as big as duplex. If your budget is limited, maybe it’s time for you to look for accommodation alternatives before thinking about changing destinations.

Thanks to the internet, we can find a large number of pages that compare the prices of different accommodations in one place to help you discover the cheapest. A site like Trivago or Booking.com offers great options for comparing almost every aspect of your honeymoon travel and accommodation. Their built in filters makes it easier to find things suited to your needs, as well as read reviews from other couples.

You can also consider other original and practical solutions, which will allow you to save money without sacrificing quality. Have you ever thought about staying in a private accommodation? You can live in a foreign city as a local resident, absorbing the culture and magic of the place and save a lot of money, maybe even enough to prolong your stay a few days more.

7. Choose the Days Well

The idea of ​​leaving for your honeymoon just after the wedding night can be very romantic but it is not usually the cheapest, especially if you get married on a weekend. Our advice is to try to get the departure date of your trip mid-week .

You will be surprised by the difference in price that may be involved when you are starting from one day to the next when it is quite probable that this detail is indifferent to you. You will also have more time to prepare your luggage and make sure that you do not leave anything essential to start your married life on the right foot!

If you go on your honeymoon on a weekday, it is easier to find cheaper prices for air travel. Be careful also when buying a ticket: you can save up to 38% by following our advice to book flights .

In general, book on Tuesday or Wednesday and always in the afternoon. Starting in the off season, however, you always save money: if you go to exotic places, inquire about the less rainy period, so as not to ruin your honeymoon.

8. Don’t always Eat Out

Shop at the grocery store and cook. Sometimes a home-cooked meal might be better than the restaurant’s food and you spend far less. Romantic and easy recipes to make are, for example, spaghetti al pesto, chicken breast with red wine sauce and mustard, and salmon medallion with capers.

woman enjoying a picnic at top of mountain
A romantic picnic is great way to find a secluded spot and pack both of your favourite snacks and drinks

Keep in mind the food. It can be quite expensive if you go out for dinner every day and will soon eat up your budget. So just do your shopping at the local supermarket to save money. That way you can cook together in the evening. This is your honeymoon so we know you might not want to cook, a simple tip for eating out is to choose a restaurant with local dishes. In our experiences, these are a lot cheaper.

Avoid full board

Full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. This means that you are limited to their opening times and routines. What happens if you’re out on an excursion for the day? You still have to buy your own meals, opt for half-board instead and take some breakfast snacks for lunch if needs be.

9. Avoid making Superfluous Purchases

If you want to bring souvenirs, buy from local producers instead of buying at tourist and industrial stores. In most places, you can find everything from jewelry to handmade decoration items.

Classic destinations at low cost include the Maldives, the Fiji Islands, the Seychelles or South America. But even within Europe there are beautiful wedding hotels for the smaller budget. In Greece, for example, there are great offers for wedding suites including wellness and delicious food.

If you want to get away from all the stress of the wedding, you can take it a little less traditional and fly instead of typical honeymoon to Las Vegas, in order to give in one of the legendary “Wedding Chapels” the word of wisdom.

Holiday Honeymoon Summary

Our golden rule is to plan your honeymoon early. As with other trips, comparing the best offers and taking time. It’s best to start with it at least half a year in advance. Set a budget right at the beginning, which narrows down the list of destinations. It is also important to inform yourself about all documents such as the passport or a visa in good time.

Those who favor tropical travel destinations should take care of any necessary vaccinations at an early stage, in some cases several are necessary over a longer period of time.

Tips for the travel period of your honeymoon

Depending on your honeymoon destination, a particular season or season is suitable.

  • Europe’s south is bustling in Summer and full of tourists, it is therefore recommended rather the postseason.
  • For tropical destinations, the rainy season and the climate should always be considered.
  • For many regions, there are certain periods that are less frequented by tourists – inquire after that time, for a good rest for two.

Tips for honeymoon budget

  • Book flexible rates: as a couple, you are always going to be fluctuating between different hotels. Just reserve several – with the option to cancel at short notice up to one day before arrival to get the best price.
  • Non-flexible rates for those who are determined: the prices are usually cheaper if you know where you want to enjoy your stay.
  • Separated flying: if you can do without the joint flight, it is often possible to book a one-way ticket for 1 person on separate airlines or flights. And to benefit from cheap ticket prices.

Tips for planning your honeymoon

Expectations are high – and good planning is essential, so think about the following:

  • Bring a marriage certificate: so that certain honeymoon offers in the hotel can really be booked.
  • Note name change: the name on the ID card must be identical to the name on your board card – therefore also here: as a precaution to carry a marriage certificate.

Don’t forget to write down these 9 tips, because they can save you from unnecessary expenses and indebtedness, but, above all, they will allow you to invest all your thoughts in it, and leave aside the accounting and administration of your honeymoon.

What tips are you going to be putting into practice? Got anymore honeymoon money saving tips that we can include? Be sure to drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.