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With all the wedding planning and organising going on, we’re guessing that you might be worried about the things you should do before your honeymoon?

One of the biggest worries before any honeymoon is making sure that you have everything in order before you leave on your dream holiday. We have spoken with hundreds of newlyweds and compiled this simple checklist of all the things you should be doing before your honeymoon. 

Let’s take a closer look at the checklist and more information on how you can clear those pre honeymoon worries.

1. Arrange a House Sitter/Pet Sitter

If you are worried about leaving your house unattended then you should look into a house sitter as well as a pet sitter if you have any pets. House sitting is a great way to keep your house safe, getting someone else to care for your home whilst you are away. Most house sitters will be living at your property whilst you are on your honeymoon, helping to keep your possessions secure as well as maintaining and cleaning.

There are many benefits for arranging a house sitter, the most obvious of these would be the convenience and pace of mind of not having neighbours and friends check in. Having that presence in your home is a natural deterrent to burglars and will ensure security of your possessions.

If you have pets, you might be think of looking at placing them in a kennel or animal shelter whilst you are way which can be distressing to them. A house sitter can care for your pets, feeding and caring for them whilst saving you money on fees.

You could also look at signing up to the airbnb app if you are looking for a side income, just make sure that you speak with a friend or family member to help arranging cleaning and address any questions that your new lodgers may have,

2. Inform your Bank

One thing that people forget to do before they leave for any vacation is letting their bank know they are travelling overseas. Banks track your movement and spending to help protect your saving and any unfamiliar spending patterns could see your cards and accounts being suspended. 

Simply letting your bank know that you will be travelling and how long you will be away for will prevent these abnormal spending patterns from being flagged. Every bank has it’s different processes for this so be sure to check their app or online site. It takes a few minutes to let them know the countries you’re travelling to as well as the duration of your trip but will save you the inconvenience of blocked cards.

3. Travel Documents

As with any overseas vacation, you need to make sure that your travel documents are in order and you have researched your destination thoroughly. Having a deeper understanding of local laws, entry and exit requirements as well as any health jab injections is paramount to a safe honeymoon. 

You want to check any vaccinations that you need by visiting your local travel clinic or doctor, they will discuss your travel plans and arrange any jabs that you need. Some destinations might need to see copies of your jab reports so be sure to ask for a copy of these.

bikini and travel documents on a bed
Write a list that includes all of the important documents need to take, that way you won’t lose track of anything

The most important document for travelling is your passport, make sure that you check the expiry date before you travel and take photocopies of the photo page. Some countries won’t accept passports if they expire within 6 months of entry, have a quick check of this date before you travel and arrange a replacement is applicable.

Some destinations require a valid visa before entry, each with their own conditions and time frames. CIBT visas is a free website where you can check destinations and their visa requirements. You also need to be aware that having a valid visa does not always guarantee entry into the country.

4. Get Travel Insurance

An essential part of honeymoon preparation is organising travel insurance, covering yourselves for cancellations, personal injury, medical as well as luggage. When looking at getting travel insurance for your honeymoon, make sure that it covers where you plan to go, any activities you plan on doing as well as any pre existing medical conditions.

It might be surprise you that some people don’t take out travel insurance, this is a serious travel sin and can cost thousands in the long run. A great site that we used to find best travel insurance for us was XXX, their easy to use platform allows you to view a variety of providers and get the best deal for you. 

5. Create a Honeymoon Itinerary

Creating a honeymoon itinerary is the perfect way to create a detailed plan of your journey and include all of the things that you want to do on your honeymoon. Not only will this itinerary be a great place to start when looking at your daily things to do but it’s a perfect place to keep everything organised. Laying out every piece of information about your honeymoon will keep your it stress free.

A few things that you want to include in your honeymoon itinerary included but are not limited to:

Details about your trip – everything from the time that your flight departs and arrives, the address of your hotel, contact information, times of experiences that you have booked in.

Tours – planning on taking any excursions on your honeymoon? Make sure that you have all contact details and dates listed as well as receipts of your purchase. This will help avoid any problems that you may have when arriving.

Health information – if you are travelling with someone with medical conditions then be sure to note down medication as well as the address of all local hospitals at your destination.

The best places – be sure to include sights to see, highly recommended restaurants, photo opportunities and hidden gems.

You can use an app to save your itinerary or simply print out a copy and place with your travel documents. We created a simple itinerary for our honeymoon and use it for any travelling that we do now. We were lucky enough to find a great site that offers a simply travel itinerary – Travefy.

6. Say Thank-you to your Guests

Sending some thank-you you cards to your guests before you leave on your honeymoon is a great way to thank them all for the presence and gifts at your wedding. Getting this activity out of the way before going on your honeymoon means one less thing to worry about when you return. 

A wedding thank-you message can come in many different forms, from cards to photos, find one that matches you as a couple

Some newlyweds over complicate their thank you notes, try to keep it simple but with a splash of your personalities. People aren’t expecting you to write a hand written note to each of them, you can order a batch of special thank you cards with a broad message and simply write a small note on each of them. We had a great experience with XXX when we were making our thank you notes, they offered us great service and quick turnaround times.

7. Pack your Carry on Bag

Packing your carry on bag might seem like a daunting task if you are headed on a long haul flight or restricted to certain weight limit. Our recommendations for packing the perfect carry on bag is stay basic, you don’t need to pack that much for a comfortable journey.

The Basics – Passport, purse, copies of travel documents, honeymoon itinerary, phone, toothbrush, a travel tube of toothpaste, ace wipes and lip balm.

The Tech – Phone charger, tablets or e-readers, noise cancelling headphones and battery charing pack.

Overnight Wash Bag – Sleeping accessories including neck pillow, ear plugs, sleep mask. Spare socks, underwear and change of clothes.

Make sure that you check the height and weight limitations on your airline before you travel, most of the time you can fit both of your travel accessories in one carry on bag.

8. Check the Weather at your Destination

When planning your honeymoon, you might be checking the average weather you should expect but don’t rely on that alone. Some of the worlds hottest cities experience torrential thunderstorms, some ski slopes also have mini heatwaves. Be sure to check the weather at your destination at least a week before you arrive, that way you won’t be caught out by adverse weather conditions. 

A great app that we use is AccuWeather, we found them to be more accurate when compared to the built in weather apps on your phone. 

9. Be Prepared to have Fun

We saved the most important thing until last, be prepared to have fun. You’re going to be married, you’re going on the best vacation of your life, what more could you ask for? Be sure to both make this the best holiday that you will ever have. 

Did we miss anything off of our things to do before your honeymoon checklist? Have we helped relieve some of the stresses that you may have before going on your honeymoon? Be sure to drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.