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You’re probably at the planning stage now where you are almost ready to book? If you’re thinking about a cruise for your honeymoon then you are in the right place to learn more.

A honeymoon cruise typically costs couples anything from a $3000 to $10,000 plus depending on the type of cruise and the length of stay. Unlike normal honeymoons, a cruise allows you to travel to multiple destinations whilst enjoying luxurious cabins and unlimited fine dining experiences. Some of the best honeymoon cruising companies include Oceania Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and Princess Cruises.

If you don’t want another planning headache following the wedding planning, a honeymoon cruises is just for you! Here is some more information about them and why this is a great option for couples:

How much does a honeymoon cruise cost?

Cruises can cost anything from a few hundreds to a virtually infinite dollars, all depending on your choices. The biggest factor affecting the cost is the length of the cruise. Other variables such as the class of package you choose, extras you buy, airfare, any other expenses that are not included in the package such as exploration of port cities or chargeable services onboard can influence the overall expense a lot.

Also remember that most prices listed are not inclusive of taxes and service charges. This may cost you extra as well.

Why a cruise and not a traditional trip?

It’s easy. All you have to do is book a cruise, pack a bag and board the ship. When you book a cruise, you book the whole itinerary: place to stay, meals, places to visit, on-spot activities, entertainment, it’s all sorted.

You know what it’s costing you. Unlike in trips, the expense does not escalate unexpectedly. You know the booking charge, the air fare and everything else you will need in advance. So you can have a great honeymoon without breaking the bank unknowingly.

High quality accomodation. Cruising is a luxurious experience. You will be provided high-class amenities and you room will be decked with a double bed, closets, tables and chairs. Even though the cabins are smaller than that of a hotel, they are designed to meet all your expectations and then some. Most cabins also have minibars and private bathrooms with showers.

On a cruise, you won’t be packing and unpacking over and over as you visit the next stop. Your same cabin goes with you to the next stop. So, you can unpack once and feel at home.

All cruise ships have an extravagant buffet, drinks and food available in plenty. You can find mostly anything you are craving and anytime.

Most ships have daily activities scheduled even when you are sailing. Other than than, they have spas, gyms, casinos, maybe even a pool and a hot tu with a slide and diving planks. You won’t be bored just because you are stuck on the ship. Some of these activities may incur additional charges, so make sure to check it out beforehand in case you don’t want to spend extra.

It’s not just the destination, also the journey. Indeed the places you will visit and the ports where theships will dock will be scenic but even sunsets and sunrises on a horizon without skyscrapers can be a sight you will remember lifelong. At the same time, you can explore the cities around the port and taste a new culture everytime the ship halts.

You will always have assistance. Reach out to the customer relations desk or ask your cabin steward.

What are the best honeymoon cruise brands?

Here are some of the best ranked cruise line with whom you can book your dream honeymoon cruise.

Azamara Club Cruises

If you are looking for a more personalized and intimate experience on a cruise, Azamara is the way to go. They also include occasional stays at the port cities that you visit within the package. Service gratuities, beverages, and shuttle buses to explore the town will all be taken care of for you so that you can enjoy without a worry.

Azamara does not exclusively offer a honeymoon package but a customisable experience and secret surprises planned for your partner with the help of a concierge, breakfast in bed, cabins decorated with fresh flowers, English trained butlers all more than make up for it. Even the wine is already in the package.

Voyages in and around Asia and along the French and Italian Riviera are great choices with this line. Their speciality includes an exclusive complementary special event that they arrange once for every trip.

Celebrity Cruises

Here you will find a sophisticated and personal luxury service at lower costs than its equivalents. You can opt for a suite class cabin if you want to access all top quality amenities, an exclusive lounge, suite restaurant and a personal butlar.

But if you would rather relax and rewind in a spa, go for their aqua class cabins that have wellness amenities right in your room, exclusive access to the restaurant Blu, Spa’s relaxation room and Persian garden thermal suite. Concierge Class is another option that will get you access to nightly canapes and also other exclusive rights such as priority boarding, pillow menus and more without costing as much as a suite.

You can choose from the three available honeymoon specialty variants. You can choose the Classic package that will include “the classics”: a bottle of wine, flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries, or which switches the wine for Champagne, in-cabin breakfast and your choice of a personalized cake. The premium package takes it to the next level with red roses, Dom Perignon, and a reservation for two at one of the specialty restaurants onboard.

This cruise line offers a cruise to almost anywhere that you can imagine. Starting from the popular Caribbean, Pacific coast and Baltic to the Mediterranean, Galapagos, Western Europe, and a lot more.

Disney Cruise Line

If you are an avid Disney fan, look no further. However, do not mistake this to be just for kids. This cruise line offers special adults-only pools, restaurants and nightclubs. Disney’s Dream Class, offers a second adults-only restaurant which was designed by a Michelin-starred chef himself among other facilities.

They offer many package deals and gifts. They also have something for everyone. Their four romance packages are for people looking for different price points. Being a Disney inspired line, they also offer two nonalcoholic packages with sparkling cider instead.

The Seven-night Caribbean cruise which includes beautiful island visits and Disney’s private island: Castaway cay. If you are on a time crunch, you can go for the three- to five-night Bahamas cruises, otherwise you can consider cruises to Europe, Alaska, and Mexico.

Norwegian Cruise Line

If you are looking for a romantic getaway with no fixed schedule with wide variety of restaurants, cuisines on board, bars and nightlife, then Norwegian is your choice to go for. Norwegian has a wide variety of packages to choose from and along with that you get wine, strawberries dipped in chocolate, red roses, message, breakfast in bed, tea service at your cabin, dinner at the French Restaurant for the couple.

Norwegian Cruise Line is the top choice of cruise companies if you are looking to the Northern lights

With the flexibility in dining, peak hours can be a headache with long queues, so it is recommended to have reservations done in advance. Norwegian has the facilities to go on a round trip outside Honolulu on a Hawaii cruise for seven nights. This is mostly attractive for honeymoon couples, where the scenic beauty of costlines, passing volcanoes, myriad waterfalls are breathtaking. You can also visit Europe, The Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda and Canada on the cruise.

Oceania Cruises

This cruise line offers sophisticated dining services and onboard ambience with various interesting itineraries. Oceania is not very famous among the honeymoon couples but it attracts mature tourists to have a luxurious and affordable trip. The cruise offers wide space for romantic couples to get cozy and gives access to private balcony with Champagne breakfast served there. Oceania does not have nightclubs and dancefloor to have fun and meet other honeymoon couples.

Oceania Cruises has a wide range of sails but if you are looking for romantic itineraries then you should definitely checkout Greek Isles or Mediterranean ports in both Italy and Greece.

Royal Caribbean International

This cruise offers surfing, rock climbing and working out together which is of great interest for many regular cruisers. After heavy workout cruise provides spa and hot water bath.

Romantic Packages are available at various prices and with that comes the complementary Champagne, Strawberries dipped in chocolate and truffles. The Romantic Package is limited to a number of ships only, so it is advised to check beforehand.

Paul Gauguin Cruises

This is a small-ship cruise line and is well reputed for being popular with couples. The ships usually roam aroud the South Pacific Ocean waters. If you mention that you are booking the cruise for honeymooning purposes, a basic romantic package will automatically be included. This package involves things like a pillow gift, a photo, a bottle of Champagne and also a Polynesian blessing ceremony.

But you can choose to upgrade to other packages which will include exclusive gestures such as a letter from the captain, an invitation to dine with the crew, canapes every afternoon. If you want to experience the wedding vibes for a little longer, you can also get a miniature wedding cake, a box of chocolates, a special flower arrangement, and Champagne and caviar. Paul Gauguin Cruises also offer a registry option as gift.

Princess Cruises

This is a cruise line that strives to make your cruises as romantic as possible with VIP dining experience in the gallery and dinner brought to your private balcony. If you like to pamper yourself, you will also enjoy the alfresco massages in The Sanctuary and couples’ Spa. For a date night, you will have outdoor movies and Broadway-style shows available as entertainment.

The cruise line offers two honeymoon packages which will leave you scratching your head as to which one to choose. While one offers a bottle of Dom Perignon, engraved glasses, strawberries dipped in chocolate delivered right to your cabin, passes for the thermal suite a deluxe breakfast for two on the balcony, upgrading to the other one will add a massage session for you and your partner in the Lotus Spa.
The Caribbean cruises offered here are best for a lazy day on the adults only Sanctuary sun deck or a movie while stargazing.

Things to remember when booking a honeymoon cruise

If your cruise ship has unsold superior cabins, chances are you can get a free upgrade as they do not want their top arrangements to go to waste. Being a honeymoon couple gives you a somewhat undue advantage. If the booking team is aware that you are on your honeymoon, you will automatically be bumped up in the queue for receiving upgrades.

Keep the weather in mind. The sea although beautiful, is dangerous if you are being careless. Before booking a cruise to a region plagied by hurricanes, check if there are any imminent or predicted hurricanes. Trips to temperate Mediterranean regions do not pose these threats. If you are adamant about your destination which has weather warnings, see if you can shift the dates. Do not take big risks.

Always register for extras. As mentioned before, most cruise lines have extras which include spa treatments, romantic dinners, cabin upgrades, free wine and shore excursions. These extras can be gifted to help make the experience ever more unforgettable for a new couple.

people cheering glasses of wine
Free wine for a whole trip? Who could say no to that!

Cruise lines have grown to be more versatile over the years and brought in new and innovative packages. If you can’t decide on a destination, try basing the decision on an activity that both you and your partner would love to do on the honeymoon. How about wine tasting around the vineyards of Europe? Yes, such activity based cruises are also available, just search for them.

Would you like to have your wedding on the sea? That’s possible! You can eliminate the stress of finding wedding venues and planning caterers if you choose to book a wedding plus honeymoon package on a cruise. Many lines will also offer extravagant settings for stag parties and hen parties and everything you may ask for. Guests can also disembark at ports of their choice.

5 best cruise destinations for your honeymoon

1. Barbados

If the turquoise waters, sandy beaches and lush greenery aren’t enough to make you swoon, visit local attractions such as the Gibbs beach, Mullins bay, etc.

2. The French Riviera

This exotic location with its striking scenic beauty is one of the best places to visit in the Mediterranean. You can have a shopping spree in France if you are really in the mood too.

3. Australia & New Zealand

Being one of the most popular honeymoon destinations, these countries have beautiful sea courses. The sandy beaches, wildlife museums and vineyards in Australia are just cherry on top. New Zealand on the other hand has breathtaking mountains and valleys to offer.

4. The Panama Canal

This stretch of water joining two seas has many beautiful sceneries to offer. You can also visit the pretty islands on the route, just be prepared with sunscreen and bathing suits.

5. Santorini

This getaway offers stunning cliffs on one side and mesmerizing ocean views on the other. The quiet cafes and black beaches will make your trip unforgettable.

Still thinking about that honeymoon cruise? Got any more questions that we can answer? Be sure to drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.