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Before you even start thinking about your wedding vacation, a question that you might have is, what is the average cost of a honeymoon?

On average, a honeymoon can cost couples between $4,000 and $6,000 depending on the type of honeymoon that you are looking for. You can honeymoon on a budget to save costs or honeymoon in luxury which would affect these averages. There are lots of factors that you should consider when starting to plan your honeymoon, the cost should be one of the most important.

The main component of your honeymoon is the destination that you choose, this can dramatically affect the cost of your honeymoon. The further away from home that you travel, the greater the cost will be. The factors that you need to consider also include flights, transfers, activities, meals, tours and spending money.  

How much should you spend on your honeymoon?

We recommend that you spend within your budget, it’s a trip for you both to enjoy experiences and adventures. A good rule to follow when budgeting for the cost of your honeymoon would be to spend triple the amount that you do on a normal vacation.

The total money spent on honeymoons is in excess of $12 billion a year in the US alone and equates to approximately 14% of the total wedding budget. From our research we are starting to see this number increase as more people focus their attention towards a honeymoon trip that lasts a lifetime. 

How do people afford a honeymoon?

Thinking about the cost of a honeymoon can be daunting, especially when you have the cost of a wedding to think about. There are some simple tricks that you can follow to make sure that your honeymoon is affordable and within your budget.

planning diary on bed
Start looking at your finances for the time leading up to your honeymoon, booking costs, travel money etc

Try to starting thinking about your honeymoon at least 6 months to a year from when you plan to go, that means being smarter with your savings. A quick way that you can make money for your honeymoon fund would be to declutter some of your belonging and clothes. List some items on local groups and online shopping platforms such as Gumtree and eBay.

Start to review your finances and review your spending. You might find that you can make cutbacks when food shopping. Simply planning your meals in advance and switching to supermarket own brand could slash your food bills.

Think cheap when booking your honeymoon, just don’t compromise on the experience. We will touch on this later in the article but costs can be reduced in the following 4 areas: transport, accommodation, food and experiences.

The honeymoon destination that you choose could save you thousands of dollars. An average honeymoon to Mexico from US costs $4,000 whereas an African Safari could set you back $20,000 and that’s not including your airfare.

How can you book a cheap honeymoon?

Cheap doesn’t always mean low quality, you might be surprised how cheap you can go when booking your honeymoon. Here are some ways that you can book a cheap honeymoon.

  • Start thinking about loyalty – Brands are bombarding customers with loyalty cards to help save you money in the long-run. Be sure to be using credit cards and in-store cards that offer great perks on travel businesses.
  • Air-miles – If you are a frequent flyer with one particular airline, be sure to check your air miles. Over 70% of flyers have unclaimed air-miles sitting in their account, a perfect opportunity to get cheaper flights or that well needed upgrade.
  • Stay Local – Sometimes the perfect honeymoon can be on your doorstep, not literally but most newlyweds are honeymooning in their home countries
  • Rent instead of staying in a hotel – A hotel can take out a big chunk if your honeymoon budget but you can avoid this expense. AirBnB is the perfect option to rent affordable apartments, villas and houses. Spend some time doing some research and you can find your perfect honeymoon accommodation which meets all of your requirements
  • Be Flexible with when you book – There are some great sites that you can use for last minute travel deals, they are the perfect way to catch a last minute travel deal at a fraction of the retail cost. This shouldn’t be limited to accommodation and packages, you should be flexible with the dates that you can travel. A site like SkyScanner helps you find the cheapest flights, a simple tweak in dates could save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Look into Package Holidays – Some of the best honeymoon agencies offer great package honeymoon deals to help relieve the stress of booking it yourself. They will take care of flights, transfers, hotels and any added extras that you are looking to do. Some agencies offer great early bird discounts if you are booking in advance, be sure to haggle on price to get the best deal.

How do people pay for their honeymoon?

There are many ways that people can pay for their honeymoon, it’s a common perception that the bride plans the wedding and the groom plans the honeymoon.

couple holding piggy bank
Time to raid the piggy bank?

This shouldn’t be the case, you are in this as a team now and need to plan your honeymoon together as well as paying for it. Honeymoon funds are a perfect idea for planning your honeymoon, shifting the costs to those close to you. A great site that we would highly recommend is Buy Our Honeymoon, it’s the polite way of asking for money from your wedding guest.

Here are some other ways that you can pay for your honeymoon.

  • Personal Savings – If you are lucky enough to have some savings left over from the wedding, be sure to consider spending some of them on your honeymoon. Just make sure that you sit down and plan any future expenses that you may have before deciding what to spend.
  • Credit Cards – A credit card is great way to pay off your honeymoon when you don’t have much saved. They offer an affordable repayment method over a period of time, often with interest free options over the first few years. We find that using a credit card comparison site offers the best control of your loan amount and repayment options.
  • Bank Loan – If the cost of your wedding has spiralled out of control then you could consider a loan to fund your honeymoon. We don’t recommend getting into debt as you start your married life but if you are considering this options, be sure to use loan comparison sites to get the best rates.
  • Crowdfunding – Most people are turning to crowdfunding to support personal projects and travel. There are plenty of crowdfunding options available online where strangers can donate money to your cause. A crowdfunding travel tip would be to propose something creative for your honeymoon, perhaps you want to help local communities or partake in an eco-friendly initiative.
  • Money from Wedding Guests – Instead of creating a wedding gift list, ask for donations towards your honeymoon instead. A great idea would be to setup an online fund where people can deposit money, just make sure that you give the option of anonymity as some people might feel uncomfortable with the concept. Using this option does mean that you might need to hold off on booking your honeymoon until after the wedding, something you would both need to be happy with. 

What is your honeymoon budget? Have we helped answer some of the questions that you may have? Be sure to drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.