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Always wanted to visit one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world? Fortunately, with just the right kind of research, you can find some of the most exotic, most fulfilling honeymoon destinations in India.

India is the perfect honeymoon destination if you are looking for incredible food, culture and experiences. The climate offers hot summers and cool winters, and has unique experiences for couples to enjoy. Whether you are planning a short honeymoon or length travels, India should be your favoured choice.

Here is a handy guide for you on India as a honeymoon destination. Including the reasons why it makes the perfect place to visit, the best time to go, where to visit and what things you can do.

What Makes India a Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

Does India make for a good honeymoon destination? The answer, yes! You get a variety of options, all dependent on choice and preference. If say you want a bit of adventure and thrill-seeking, if it works for the both of you, then you can always scurry up to the Himalayas and enjoy the cool weather, of one of the wonders of the modern world.

If you’re a beach lover who is hell-bent on spending your honeymoon experiencing a lush tropical climate, then Goa will definitely tickle your fancy. There are lots of great beach spots, high-end accommodation, as well as some of the best Indian cuisine.

indian food market
Did you know that rice is the staple food in India? Their cuisine features both traditional and regional dishes unique to the continent

There are also places that offer that beautiful natural feeling of greenery, especially Kerala, which places like Kullu Manali in Shimla where you can have lots of adventure. The options are limitless, you can even change things up a little and go on a desert safari in Jaisalmer. There are a lot of options, some pocket-friendly, some expensive, what is for sure is, India offers some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations anywhere in the world!

When Is The Best Time To Visit India?

Visiting India can be one of the most fulfilling adventures of your life. This is mainly due to the fact that although the country does have substantial variation in terms of weather patterns, it is inherently tropical climate, with warm winters and hot summers.

The best time to visit India is from late September/October all the way through March. This is usually about the time where the tropical climate is at full stretch, but then again it depends on where you visit and why. Here is a list of famous places and when its best to visit each area based on weather patterns.

Let’s start with perhaps the most popular beach environment of GOA. It is a popular destination for many honeymoon couples because of the predominantly pleasant temperatures that change very little all year round. The tropical beaches here the temperatures linger around 24 degrees for the better part of the year, and although they drop slightly around December, they usually pick right back up in March.

The maximum temperature here goes up to around 32 degrees. You should probably avoid the monsoon season though, as it brings with it a lot of rain. This is usually between June and September, at which point the rains can go up to 994mm. It does ease off a little in September, and the following months usually record little to no rain.

The torrential rains usually happen for a few hours in the afternoon, so you have the better part of the day to do your rounds and enjoy the scenery.

If you are a fan of predominantly hot tropical climate then the place to go is Kerala. Located in the South of India, this area has an average temperature of between 28-31 degrees Celsius, but it does go up slightly, to around 34 degrees in May and June. These are considered the hottest months. The period between July and August is also characterized by heavy rains, which dies out somewhere around September and is replaced by torrential rains that go on until December.

taj mahal view from gardens
Be sure to explore the gardens around the Taj Mahal for a unique photograph

Another very popular tourist destination is Mumbai. This popular town has its most favorable climate during the months between October and May, where there is little to rain at all. July is considered the problem month as it rains almost every day, recording up to 868mm of rain.

Temperatures don’t vary much in Mumbai, with lows of around 16 degrees and highs or up to 33 degrees at the peak of summer. The weather here is pretty stable, but if you are looking for the best time to visit Mumbai, then it is advisable to calendar in around October all the way through May.

Kolkata also makes the list as one of the areas with warm weather all year round. There are obvious distinctions between dry and wet seasons, and although winter temperatures can drop as low as 9 degrees at night, the daytime temperatures can go as high as 27 degrees.

Winter is mainly between December and January, and it is characterized by little rain and low overall humidity. The heat kicks in between February and April, with June culminating in a maximum of 35 degrees and a low of 26. This tapers off to the wet season that begins somewhere in June and through to September, where the humidity rises and the rain is heavy for days at a time.

If you’re up for a little adventure, then the Himalayas should definitely be on your bucket list. With some of the coldest nights going close to freezing point, you still get some decent sunlight around July that can reach highs of around 19 degrees. Make sure you carry some warm gear, as although travel is possible year round, the cold weather can be a bit unforgiving if you’re not used to it.

With Darjeeling being inherently rainy during June all the way to September, Shimla is a bit drier, with a shorter rainy season that runs through July through to August.

The decrease in temperature varies as you go up the mountain. The drop can be anything between 6-7 degrees every Kilometer. Once you get to around 1500 meters then it’s just pretty much snow, and it gets very intense starting December all the way through to February. It is a great place to visit for thrill seekers.

Which Parts Of India Are The Best To Go On Honeymoon?

Andamans, Neil Island

Andamans always tops the list as one of the most breathtaking holiday and honeymoon destinations in India. The custom candlelit dinners, the pure, unspoiled clear ocean waters, the beautiful sunsets, the classy hotels and the overall feeling of relaxation all blend together perfectly to give you that authentic honeymoon in India.

It’s a great place to start out and make memories, giving you that value of the experience that only such a beautiful beach paradise can provide.

Kashmir, Gulmarg

Kashmir ranks as one of the most popular destinations, with rich Indian culture, friendly locals and a wealth of local flavor. Looking up you’ll see and explore the snowcapped mountains, and the cool highland weather will do you a world of good. There is a lot to be experienced in Kashmir, with a Gondola ride to take you up the mountains, you get the unique experience of seeing the city from 14000ft.

There are lots of extras, away from the rich cuisine, you could take a stroll into Strawberry valley and taste some fresh strawberries while you sail away into the horizon on the Dal Lake.
It all sounds like a fairytale doesn’t it?


It’s impossible to make a list of the most romantic destinations in India without mentioning what is perhaps one of the most popular destinations today. The beauty of it is, it’s not just about the beautiful beaches, Goa actually provides a perfect blend between the daytime beach experience and the multidimensional nightlife.

It’s all about the wedding fever in Goa, as you get to experience the Portuguese architecture, revel in the white sandy beaches, then culminate in LPK where you can dance to the best contemporary tunes in some of the most vibrant clubs in the country. This coastal retreat provides the full honeymoon experience, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Kerala, Munnar

If you love all things green, then Kerala will definitely tickle your fancy. With vast coffee plantations, various mountains and lakes, Kerala will charm you into submission with some of the best experiences and memories to take back home. You can take that boat ride into the backwaters, you can rent a bike and cycle up the mountains or you can simply sit on the pier of some of the hotels around the area with great views.

The cottages are top class, the sunrises and sunsets are quite simply sublime, and the greenery will take your breath away!

Rajasthan, Udaipur

Next is a town that is considered the cultural hub in India, where the diversity and rich Indian culture is in full swing. Udaipur is the pride of Bollywood, ranking as potentially the most romantic town in India. The boat rides, the beautiful lake views, the abundance of culture as evident in the many colors and the overall tranquility of it all makes it a place worth visiting if you’re considering a honeymoon in India.

There some very exotic palaces that you can go to and get your pictures taken. You can experience the vast options in Indian cuisine as you soak in the sunset in one of the rooftop restaurants, or you can just watch the sunrise from the comfort of any of the beautiful, eco-friendly resorts around the town. The experience in Udaipur will definitely leave a lingering impression on you and your spouse for years to come.

This only qualifies as a small percentage of all the great destinations that India has to offer. Nothing can quite equate the valuable experience you’ll get from any of these destinations!

What Things Can You Do On Your Honeymoon In India?

In Srinagar, Jammu or even Kashmir you have the luxury of walking through the Mughal gardens in all their glory. If you are looking for a bit more excitement, then you can always gear up and go skiing. There are a variety of culinary delights here as well that you can sample, after which you can always go sightseeing or even sneak in a boat ride every so often. All these places provide for unique experiences that are all worth trying out.

Elephant riding in India are a sacred animal amongst Indian people, we don’t recommend looking to ride them but instead visiting a sanctuary as an alternative

If you’re looking for that small town vibe, then you should consider taking a trip to Coorg, Karnataka. This small town in the southern part of India is great for sightseeing as it has plenty of great places to visit. You can go for trekking, you can see the waterfalls, view the vast plantations or even go hiking if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s a peaceful place to spend your honeymoon and it gives a fulfilling overall experience.

If you are a fan of unique architecture, then Nainital, Uttarakhand is the place for you. Apart from all the boat rides and sight-seeing that are pretty common in most places, Nainital allows you to view some of the best and most unique temple designs in India, while at the same time giving you the great experience of various snow points. The food is also quite good, and you get to see how the lakes light up as the sun hits the surface.

If you want a different experience from all the cliché beach vibes and boat rides, then you can always go on a camel safari in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It’s a town with a lot of historical significance, with forts and palaces that were a feature of previous civilizations. You can also visit some of the cultural centers and learn some history, or you can go see the desert camps and the sand dunes.