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Researching honeymoon destinations and thinking about about the Indonesian country of Bali? We take a closer look at why this is a popular choice amongst honeymooners.

Bali is an Indonesian island, well known for it’s sun bathed beaches, volcanic islands and pristine waterfalls. Couples can enjoy an affordable honeymoon here from $500 upwards for a week, with inexpensive food accommodation as well as a selection of fun activities. It’s a safe place to visit and perfect for couples on a budget, looking for a luxurious and romantic honeymoon.

Not only is Bali a place with natural aesthetics but is also a treasure trove of colourful culture. While Bali is a popular honeymoon spot, the island life and lush green scenes have attracted many travellers over the years. And for honeymooners, it offers both the luxe life and pocket friendly budgets accompanied by breathtaking views and experiences.

Sitting in the waters of the Indian Ocean, the heart of Indonesia promises a good time to anyone who visits.

English is used by everyone in abundance to make it a lot easier to get around. The Balinese are renowned hosts known to care for their guests to the best of their abilities. Some places like Seminyak and Kuta are more adapted to the western culture, making it somewhat familiar. You will find a lot of home comforts, and other tourists like you! Predominantly a Hindu province, Bali has many religious experiences to offer to those who seek.

How much does a Bali honeymoon cost?

Bali has amenities ranging from world-class hotels to shared dorm rooms. So, the total cost of your trip will depend greatly upon your style of traveling and what you prefer. Other obvious factors that influence the price point are your duration of stay, and the time of the year that you decide to visit.

You have a variety of options to choose from in regards to accommodation. Starting from the hostels where the shared dorms are the cheapest, however considering you are on your honeymoon, you would probably prefer a private room.

cafe shop front in bali
Bali has some incredible small eateries offering local food and drinks at affordable prices

The cost will range from $8 to $20 per night. While this option is a money saver for sure, ask yourself if you are willing to give up some basic luxuries while on an exotic vacation. Spending a bit more will be worth it, but not straight up splurging if you intend to abide by a fixed budget.

Homestays with a budget of around $35 per night are a very good option since they will allow you to immerse yourself into the natural rhythm of the locals’ daily lives. With clean fresh rooms, breakfast in bed and a generous dash of local culture it will be worth every penny.

Bali also offers hotels at various price points, but they are all good options. If you research a little, it won’t be hard for you to find a hotel for $100 per night. You will find all the basic but high-quality amenities at prime locations. But in case you want to splurge, luxury hotels and their in-room plunge pools await you. Airbnbs are also widely available if you are more comfortable with those.

Airfare will be the biggest expense on the trip especially if you are from the eastern parts of United States or Canada. If you really want to save some on the travel, try finding itineraries with other roots. You might have to change planes in Hong Kong but still the fare might be cheaper than a direct one.

Traveling within Bali is however a completely different story. Public transport is next to nonexistent and money conversion can cost you a lot. If you are someone with experience in driving motorized two wheelers, you can rent a motorbike for your personal transportation.

While this is a popular choice and you don’t need licence to rent a bike, you will need one to drive though. And an international one if you don’t want to get into trouble with the police. For those who can’t drive themselves places, you will have to rely on others to drive you and thus, pay significantly more. But hey, safety is first.

Uber does exist in the area but is not reliable. Local taxis are available in plenty but like in most countries, will leave no opportunity to rip off tourists. The best bet is to go for blue bird taxis and check the meter. But for long distances this might also not be available, and you will have to book private cars. So, it is better to stay at a hotel which is near all local amenities and tour nearby locations on shared guided tours. Food and drinks will cost you about $25 to $30 per day for a person.

Keep in mind that other than the hotel costs, all costs mentioned are just for one person, so double it for your honeymoon plans. Do look out for offers on the restaurant menu. Being a tourist spot, restaurants and hotels often put out exclusive offers especially for honeymooners.

You might also end up spending quite some on special activities, attractions, famous massages and of course some shopping. To state approximates, for a standard trip of a week length, airfare will cost around $850, inland transportation and attractions about $120, food and drinks around $175 per person. Double that and add about $600 for accommodation and another $100 for miscellaneous. That should sum up your honeymoon trip cost to about $3,000. Do look into all-inclusive packages, you might score some discount.

When is the cheapest time to visit Bali?

June to August is the busiest times of the year, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Try visiting during the shoulder season of April and September, when the crowds are thinner, and you might just find some attractive offers.

Is Bali safe for a honeymoon?

This question can be answered based on different aspects of safety. If you look into the weather, since it is a tropical country, avoiding the rainy seasons will be a safe bet. During January to February and October to November Bali sees mostly of its annual rainfall, avoid those times and your travel schedule should be followed accordingly.

Tourists also find themselves into physical safety hazards when getting carried away and being overzealous in adventure sports. Mother Nature is beautiful and also deadly if underestimated. Please follow all safety guidelines and take advice from a professional in really dangerous spots.

bali beach at night
A romantic dinner and drinks on the waterfront is perfect for your honeymoon

Other than that, with respect to general safety, there nothing much to be said. It is not a hostile society, rather welcomes you with open arms and warm hearts. However, taking basic safety precautions is always a good idea whether you are abroad or on your own turf. Avoid suspicious backstreets and shady lanes.

Most tourist attractions are natural open areas, and at night, decent hotels will keep you entertained in-house. Although drugs are strictly prohibited and illegal but still stay away from strangers selling hashish on streets. Locals will be overjoyed to cater to you, but be polite to them. Acknowledge their generosity. It will be a memorable trip with your loved one by your side, why spoil the mood with a petty fight?

What makes Bali a unique honeymoon destination?

Other than being a luxurious island trip on a low budget, the beautiful landscapes and gorgeous beaches, Bali is a very versatile destination. Anyone and everyone will have a good time visiting some place or the other, enjoying some activity or the other.

If you want a relaxed vacation with yoga, meditation and massages but your spouse wants to ride dirt bikes through the forest and dive into waterfall basins, there’s no need to choose either one. You can have both in Bali. A foodie or a thrill seeker, everyone will find something to fuel their passion. The delicious local cuisine and all the adventure sports, religious sites, experiences and lively bars and don’t forget the sand between your toes on the beautiful beaches.

Indonesia being a collection of over 14,000 islands, offers a variety of sightseeing and experiences. You can enjoy a laid back afternoon on Lombok and then dance the night away in Gili Trawangan. Dive into the depths of the Indian Ocean close to Nusa Menjangan & Nusa Penida. Bask in a whole new and warm culture, try things you’ve never tried before.

What things can couples do in Bali?

other than all the adventure sports mentioned before, couples can head out to visit one of the most popular temples of Bali- The Tanah Lot Temple. Or you can surf the foaming waves of the ocean, and while you’re at it, visit Finns Beach Club and grabs two tickets to the splash waterpark.

You can always unwind and relieve all that stress with a couple’s massage and yoga session, or just stroll through the local markets and find souvenirs. Go on a cocktail safari, visit the sky garden nightclub, Mount Agung, Batur Volcano and Tegenungan Waterfall to mention just a few.

woman swinging from swing in tree tops
How about viewing the forests via a swing 100 feet in the air? An exhilarating experience as you see nature from above

What are the best Bali honeymoon resorts?

Puri Beji Bed-&-Breakfast

Live the epitome of luxury with this cozy bed and breakfast while in Canggu. You might require a flexible budget.

The Bene

This 4-star hotel is right in the middle of all the action. Perfect for a couple that enjoys partying hard and romantic privacy, both.

The Bandha Hotel & Suites

This is pure elegance with a dash of contemporary luxury, surrounded by acres of landscaped lawns.

The Haven-Bali Seminyak

Just a 10 min walk away from the beach, this hotels gives newlyweds a romantic sanctuary along with all imaginable amenities and facilities.

Matahari-Terbit Bali

Eat at a beachfront restaurant, soak in an outdoor pools with the views of a peaceful garden, all wrapped in the traditional Balinese hospitality.

Maya Ubud-Resort & Spa

This 5-star resort is a mix of villas, luxury rooms, ten hectares of tropical greenery and a hidden hidden river valley! What could be more romantic?

Are you thinking of going on a honeymoon some day? How about you make Bali your preferred honeymoon destination? Be sure to drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.