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The biggest challenge when planning for any trip is usually organizing things that need to be carried right? There is always a high chance for one to forget to pack something which might ruin the experience.

A honeymoon is much like any normal vacation when it comes to packing the right things. You need to make sure that you have all your travel documents, as well as copies. You both need to pack according to the destination and the weather. Also make sure that you bring little extras such as lingerie, gifts for one another and hidden surprises for your partner.

There is nothing that spoils a good vacation mood than realizing that you forgot something very essential as this will definitely inconvenience you. So if you and your partner are planning to go on that exquisite place to enjoy the honeymoon, you need to plan ahead before embarking on that journey.

Packing may be a bit stressful if you have no idea of what exactly needs to be carried. But worry less, as we will unravel to you the ultimate honeymoon packing checklist here.

What should I bring on my Honeymoon?

By the time you are asking yourself this question you have already identified the desired honeymoon destination for both you and your partner.

Whether you are planning to go to sunbathe at the breathtaking beaches of Maldives, or go for site visits in Paris, or enjoy checking out the beautiful sceneries in Greece, you don’t want to be one of those people who do the last-minute kind of packing. This will be certainly make you to forget carrying so many things.

There are things that are a must-have and others won’t be necessary depending on where you are travelling to. Therefore, to avoid over packing, what exactly will you need to bring on your honeymoon?

The most basic things that you must remember to pack include: plane tickets, drivers licenses, travel insurance information, credit cards, reservation confirmation for hotels or restaurants, photocopies of all the relevant documents, headphones, camera, guidebook, luggage tags, novels and magazines.

Get a travel wallet, these are a great place to keep all of your documentation safe

Also remember to carry toiletries such as shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, shaving essentials, toothbrush, , sunscreen with SPF,a hand sanitizer, wet wipes, bathing soap, body lotion, prescription medications(pain reliever, cold, anti-diarrhea and anti-nausea medications) first aid kit, hair brush and comb, cotton swabs, sun glasses ,sun hats and light backpack or a tote bag.

Additional items you may consider carrying are address of friends and family, electronic devices (phones, tablets, MP3 players, and chargers), calling cards, eye mask, travel pillow for long flights and a re-sealable plastic bag in different sizes.

Honeymoon packing list for her

As a lady, you have probably been fantasizing about this particular experience for a long time and you may have pictured yourself having so much fun. When you finally get the opportunity to materialize that dream, you would not wish to ruin that chance by carrying unnecessary things for your honeymoon.

You will definitely want the real experience to be much better than your expectations and what you are going to pack will be determined by where the honeymoon shall be. Some ladies would want to buy new things for the vacation but it would be important to find out whether it will be necessary for that occasion.

For instance if you are intending to travel to the snowy mountains and enjoy the ski adventure, you have to carry the appropriate gear, if you are headed to the tropics where the temperatures are warmer, your luggage should be full of light attires. So here is a checklist of things you must carry when going on a honeymoon.

  1. A special outfit that you can wear to dinner during the first night, most preferably a dress which will make you look more appealing
  2. Special lingerie is a must have for any lady going on honeymoon. You can surprise your new spouse by wearing a well-fitting lingerie to show off your beautiful curves on the first night and also carry another special lingerie for the last night of the honeymoon
  3. Contraceptives will come in handy if you go to a remote place which has no drug store nearby. Also ensure that you carry sanitary towels
  4. Warm clothes such as a sweater or blazer would be important for the cold nights
  5. At least 3 bathing suits and if you want to save on space, carry those which are reversible
  6. Makeup set and jewelry to add more glam to your outfit. Carry simple jewelry that you will find comfort in when moving around and for the night dinner carry some chunky jewelry
  7. Different pairs of shoes that you will be comfortable in when taking romantic strolls along the sandy beaches or doing site visits. You can carry a pair of high heels, a pair flat sandals and trainers if necessary.
  8. Some nice smelling perfume and bath gel so as to establish unforgettable memories with special scents
  9. Basic tops which can match well with your pants or skirts. Go for bright colored tops which shall keep you cool on a sunny day. For pants you can carry a pair of jeans and shorts and for skirts carry bright colored maxi skirts or short skirts

Honeymoon packing list for him

Men are lucky and don’t have such a complex honeymoon packing checklist compared to women but it would still be important to have one.

  1. Casual tops such as t-shirts, to wear with denim trousers or khaki shorts
  2. Official outfit for to wear to dinner for the first night (you should carry a shirt, a pair of official trousers and a blazer to achieve this look)
  3. Different kinds of footwear including casual shoes like a pair of sandals, some
  4. Sneakers and nice pairs of shoes for the official look
  5. Warm clothing such as a jacket and sweater
  6. A pair of socks and underwear
  7. Sleepwear and a swimsuit
  8. A good cologne to leave a lingering scent in the room when you are not around your spouse
  9. You can carry a deck of cards and a jigsaw puzzle to entertain yourselves

What should I include in my carry-on bag?

Once you have noted the items you will need on your honeymoon packing checklist, you should be able to set aside some of the things that you may need to use more frequently.

For that you have to put them in a place where you can access more easily such as a carry-on bag. The suitcase will be the last place you would want to keep such items. These will include valuable items and things with private and confidential information.

Some of these are mentioned as follows: flight tickets, travel visas, credit cards, wallets and purses, passports, identification documents and travel itineraries.

Make sure that you remove all electronics from your bag when going through airport security

Other items you will need to include in the carry-on bag include: a smart phone, phone charger, camera, water bottle with filtered water, medications, toothpaste, toothbrush, hand sanitizer, face wipes, jewelry, books or magazines and an MP3 player.

Also make sure that you carry some extra clothing (an underwear and a pair of socks), warmth items (a jacket and a warm scarf) and something to snack on while you wait at the airport.

Fun things to bring on a honeymoon

Even as you plan to go and spend quality time with your spouse on honeymoon, adding some spice onto it won’t do any harm. You will have so much time away and it would get boring if you keep doing the same things that you did the first day you began the honeymoon. You can include some fun items on the honeymoon packing checklist such as:

1. Surprise Gifts

There is nothing that excites one more than receiving an unexpected gift. This would be the best way to begin the honeymoon as it enhances the romantic mood. It could be a waterproof camera for taking fascinating pictures when you go for snorkeling, water slides or on cruises. You can also get super shades for your spouse.

These high quality luxury sunnies will do them good during the honeymoon as and will make them look stylish. A more thrilling gift to give your spouse would be a pair of video recording sunglasses which not only protects the eyes from sun light but it also records every image and they get stored in snap chat memories. How incredible is that?

Another surprise gift would be to carry a bottle of your partner’s favorite wine which can be sipped as you enjoy the cool breeze from the hotel balcony.

2. Sporty Items

If you intend to go and learn scuba diving, play tennis, bike riding, surfing or skiing with your spouse you have to carry the right gear and equipment needed for these fun sporty activities.

However, you need to confirm whether the destination you are planning to go and participate in these activities provide the necessary equipment so that you don’t have to fill up your suitcase with excess baggage. But if you still have some room for extra items, carrying an extra gear would not hinder you from having fun.

3. Travel Drone

You can get yourself a travel drone with features such as a camera and smartphone control which will enable you to capture the beautiful surroundings as far as 4 miles away. You won’t miss getting every picturesque view that is out of your reach with a good travel drone.

4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Have fun listening to a list of your favorite music on a portable bluetooth speaker with your spouse as you relax on the white sand beaches. This will create lasting memories as you will be able to have a list of songs which will remind of the honeymoon experience.

5. Personalized Sand Imprint Flip Flops

You can get flip-flops which have both your name and your sweetheart’s name with a personalized message so that whenever you take a stroll along the sandy beaches, an imprint will be left on the sand.

You can capture the images of the imprints on camera so that you will always treasure such precious memories once the honeymoon is over.

Finally, make sure that as you make the honeymoon packing list you confirm that whatever is on the list has already been packed. You can put a mark against every item that has already been packed to avoid packing one item more than once. As you go on the honeymoon, forget about all the work and, financial stress and just focus on having a good time with your new spouse.

Have you started to think about your packing? Got any more questions that we can answer? Be sure to drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.