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Still undecided on what honeymoon package you both want to book? Looking for some unique destinations that you have probably never seen heard of before?

Whether you are planning your own wedding and honeymoon, or you are going to gift someone a honeymoon trip, Honeymoon packages are the way to go. Often booking everything separately will cost you a lot more. Booking a package not only saves you money but also a lot of time that you would have spent looking for hotels and activities, planning an optimal itinerary.

There are many options available in the market, and numerous destinations to choose from. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, following is a list of the best honeymoon destinations along with an itinerary full of activities and place to visit, the cost and everything else you might want to know. But first…

What Does a Honeymoon Package Include Exactly?

The honeymoon packages listed below basically include all the hotels and rooms that you should stay in for the best experience, daily schedule which will include everything that you can see and do around the area.

Usually a honeymoon package and what it entails differs from company to company but the rooms and activities are the bare minimums. Some might even include air and other transport fare, alcohol and spa treatments. Most of the features of a package depend on what you are paying. The following packages are the curated best at a reasonable price point.

Our Top 8 Recommended Honeymoon Packages

1. The Hellenic Getaway


Price: $6,479 per person

If you are dreaming of a honeymoon in Greece, this might be your best option. The TrueRepose is a customizable package that will be an 8 night trip visiting Athens Naxos and also Santorini. On the first day you can enjoy the Acropolis while staying at Hotel Grande Bretagne which almost a 150 years old. Then you will be visiting Naxos for 3 nights at a luxurious villa at the Naxian-Collection in Stelida before visiting Santorini to stay at the Canaves Oia Suites.

Activities will include windsurfing, private wine-and-cheese sail, visiting volcanic hot springs and in-house amenities such as whirlpools, fireplaces and plunge pools.

2. The Alaskan Escape


Price: $7,190 per person

If you are not afraid of the cold and would love an adventure, Alaska can be one of the greatest places to visit. The Ultimate Multi-sport package which is again an 8 night adventure will be arranged to visit Prince William-Sound, the Chugach Mountains and also the Denali National-Park & Preserve.

The trip might include ten mile hikes every day and include climbing a vertical glacier in the Matanuska-Susitna-Valley. There will also be activities such as sea kayaking, driving down the scenic Seward-Highway, viewing the alpine-tundra as well as visiting Mount-McKinley through floatplane. In the summer, you might even spot some exotic animals such as moose, caribou and some wolves and grizzly bears.

The trip begins in Anchorage and the stops will be at cozy lodges and campsites.

3 The Alterna-Safari


Price: $6,145 per person

This is a 12 night customizable honeymoon hidden away in the Madagascar. It starts at the capital, Antananarivo where you will stay in the Relais-des-Plateaux before you embark on a long drive to Vakôna-Forest Lodge. From here you will be visiting the Andasibe-Mantadia National-Park rainforests which is the home to some exotic fauna including wee-mouse lemurs, blue-striped Parson’s chameleons.

Later, you will fly out to Anjajavy Private Nature-Reserve & check into a rosewood villa. Activities will include canoeing, horseback riding, snorkeling in the Moramba Bay or getting some steam at a beautifully-tiled hammam. immerse yourself into the local culture and visit the local market for a tiny slice of life experience.

4. The Oaxacan Experience


Price: $1,500 per person

This four night escape is a good option for some with a lower budget or smaller vacation plan. The Mezcal-+-Mole package is a trip through the towns on the hillside: Mexico, Oaxaca where you can spend some time with the local chefs, farmars and artisans of the area. The crown gem of this trip is the taste testing. You will learn making a traditional 12-ingredient mole with a cactus salad on the side from a Zapotec cook at Teotitlán del Valle.

Visit an agave-farm in Santa Catarina Minas where you will be shown the whole process of producing mezcal and taste the end product. You can also shop all things chocolate from the city markets. The trip is all about learning the local culture and heritage. The Casa Carmen which is a four-room masterpiece by the artist Amador Montes himself is a must go for newlyweds.

5. The Aboriginal Immersion


Price: $10,860 per person for private charter

A 5 night safari through the Oz’s hard-to-access Aboriginal-homeland. It grants an out of the box experience with activities such as spearfishing for stingrays, gathering native honey, spear-making lessons and carving didgeridoo with the Jawoyn as well as Yolngu communities.

You can visit the local museums and enjoy the indigenous art of colourful bark paintings and pandanus weavings. The accommodation may be slightly different as well where you will be sleeping in dome tents. You can soak in the local hot springs and watering holes before returning.

6. The Ancient Jaunt


Price: $4,047 per person

The 15 days package in the Caucasus starts in the Azerbaijan capital where you can walk around the walled city and visit the eternal fire of Yanar Dag , the Absheron-Peninsula and other heritage sites such as the rock-petroglyphs located in the Gobustan-settlement and the historical Palace-of-the-Shirvanshahs.

Crossing the border leading into Georgia, there are many native vineyards where you can indulge, you can drive via the high Caucasus Mountains and enjoy a sulfur bath in Tbilisi.

Then, in Armenia, you’ll visit the Tatev Monastery, ride the world’s longest aerial tramway and then wrap it all up in the capital itself, Yerevan enjoying the turquoise and gold aesthetics of the Shia mosque.Accomodations include a combination of guesthouses and hotels.

7. The Portuguese Fantasy


Price: $4,975 per person, and for a private charter

This 9 night package in Azores & Mainland Portugal is full of cobblestone streets, black sand beaches, tapas spots and magnificent ocean views.

Starting in Porto, which is a romantic town full of arched bridges and cathedrals, the trip ends in São Miguel which is the biggest island in all of the autonomous Azores-archipelago. You can hike to the highest peak in the country, Pico do Pedro, drink, purchase pottery, visit monasteries, scale volcanoes and watch whales while touring the whole country.

Other beautiful moments will include watching a live fado-performance while in Lisbon’s Bairro-Alto, visiting a pineapple plantation while at Fajã-de-Baixo, São Miguel

8. The Philippine Island-Hop


Price: $4,400 per person

The 11-night Central-Philippines package flies you to the country’s capital of Manila where you stay at the Peninsula and spend the day exploring Roman basilicas from the 16th century, enjoy European art in Intramuros at the Casa-Manila museum itself and finish by shopping at Quiapo.

Are you thinking of booking any of the above? What other honeymoon packages have you been both considering? Be sure to drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.