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Looking for some exciting activities for your honeymoon? There are some incredible things that you can do in this world as a newlywed couple.

Adventure can be sought by journeying to a dreamy destination. You should consider a destination that offers enough honeymoon activities for a newly-wed couple. The best honeymoon brings romance, adventure, and fun all in one package. You should also get to know and understand each other more during this time.

Wedding day may be the best experience to a couple thus far but honeymoon experiences should be even better. Your experience should be one of a lifetime spent doing what both of you love doing. If that’s just sipping cocktails beside a pool that’s fantastic. But adding a little adrenaline to that to quench that extreme desire for fun is a worthy experience.

Many a couple have had romantic fun to celebrate their post-nuptial bliss by sliding down face-first on sand dunes in Paracas, Peru. How about swimming alongside whale sharks and flying over horizontal waterfalls in Broome, Australia. The relentless experience from Berber village around Marrakech, Morocco is for one a top notch idea.

Think of sleeping in a cave in Turkey. A daring couple can para glide over Medellin, Colombia a beautiful city that is fast rising with green-coated hills that stretch to the horizon. Of course, more traditional locales to romance turn up the intensity are also available. Spear you own octopus with ocean experts or venture ocean underworld ensconced in a submarine. There is something for every couple.

Honeymoons should be all about getting pampering, soaking in the best romance and relaxing. Fortunately, there are plenty of exciting things to do on your honeymoon. Here are some adventurous ideas for the thrill-seeking pair.

1. An Ecuadorian Cloud Forest Ride

The word ride may not quite fully describe this honeymoon experience as it will be. It takes some hours for a love pair to arrive at the fancy and remote Mashpi Lodge that accommodates 22 rooms. The long trek is however with no doubt worth it. Couples can engage in several activities on the site such as the tandem Sky Bike dangling from a 656-foot cable through the forest canopy.

You can also try guided walks through the forest at night. After spending their day outdoors, lovebirds can retire and relax in their suites as they watch chattering monkeys through the windows that stretch from the ceiling to the floor.

2. Piranha Fishing in the Amazon

Nothing spells out romance like piranha fishing, agree? You will sail deep into the vast Peruvian Amazon using Delfin Amazon Cruises that are just fantastic. On board, the experience is unforgettable as you are treated to delicious Peruvian cuisine and spa services. A windowed cabin allows you to watch as the beautiful jungle passes you by lying in bed.

girl swinging over jungle
The best way to get a view of the jungle is being high above the tree line, swinging perhaps?

Fishing for monstrous-looking piranha fish is just one of the honeymoon activities that are offered. Others include searching for sloths, kayaking and swimming near the river dolphins. Swimming with dolphins is a dream come true among many.

3. Sleep inside a New Zealand glass pod

From helicopter rides and day hikes to invented thrills such as zorbing, lugging, bungee jumping and commercial jet boating, New Zealand has proved and firmly cemented its place as the adventure capital in the world. They are even adventurous when or is it where they sleep. Yes, a couple can sleep in a PurePod, which is made from glass only including the floor and roof. Now you can’t dare say that you have no idea about the things to do on your honeymoon for sure!

You will have the chance to experience nature at its best from the glass pod. Cars are left over a mile away before hiking to the pod for the night. Guests can cook or bring their meals but they can also be provided.

4. Camping in the California Redwoods

Which couple wants to spend their honeymoon in a fancy restaurant when there are fancy tents in a redwood forest? This is an ultimate honeymoon experience. Ventana Big Sur gives a couple the best from both worlds thanks to their Canyon Campsites. The secluded campsite is only accessible by foot and you will have to trek to the safari-style luxury canvas tents that await you and your partner.

Spend the night enjoying ocean-view dining or skip over to roasting s’mores over the fire at the Sur House. A spa is available for those who fancy a comfy body rub as they bond.

5. Experience the hospitality of an indigenous tribe in Borneo

This may not seem like one of those honeymoon activities but it never disappoints. To be really off the beaten track, try spending some time, maybe a day or two, with Iban tribe members through a unique and one- of –a- kind travel experience. You will get to learn their rich traditions and history of the headhunters’ ancestors. Did you know they used to behead their enemies as a show of strength?

An incredible experience to partake in tribal rituals and activities, perfect for culture loving couples

They invite honeymooners to partake traditional dances, sleep in their large communal houses and guide hikes in the nearby forest that they are accustomed to. The best experience is learning how to use a blowpipe when hunting.

6. Wild Tiger Searching in India

This is one of the daring things to do on your honeymoon though it is not dangerous. Couples can stay at a Taj Safari Lodge named Mahua which is just twenty minutes from the renowned tiger reserve known as Bandhavgarh National Park. Spend the day in the stunning Indian park on park safaris searching for the largest cat in the world- the amazing tiger. You also get a chance to see sloth bears and leopards.

Later on, you can retreat to traditional jungle village huts known as kutiyas to enjoy a swim in the pool or have a private meal

7. Become a Cowboy in Texas

Romance and firearms is not a combo a couple would think of for a honeymoon experience at first but the Dos Brisas Inn in Washington, Texas brought second thoughts and made it work. Adventurous couples staying here get to do several honeymoon activities that range from golfing, horseback riding and fishing. The peak of the action is trying to shoot clay targets from a range.

After letting out your inner cowgirl and cowboy fantasies, you are served with a farm-to-table delicacy before taking a dip in a private plunge pool at the sole Forbes five star rated restaurant in Texas.

8. African-style picnic in Kenya.

Relive the love story of Robert Redford and Meryl Streep at Angama Mara as played out in the film Out of Africa. Most of the romantic scenes were filmed at the place. Couples are accommodated in luxury tents built on the vast and stunning Oloololo Escarpment. The escarpment has a rich piece of land that is highly sought after. The tents have a balcony to overlook the serene environment and scenery as you receive a massage ( if you so wish). The Maasai Mara game reserve is nearby and can be accessed via a private track.

elephants around picnic table
Immerse yourself in nature, just be careful that they don’t eat all of your food

Perhaps the best honeymoon activity here is escaping for a private picnic on a nearby hill after which you will radio call to be picked back to the lodge.

With its historic castles and rolling misty green hills, Ireland has all it takes to make a storybook honeymoon. More so, duos seeking a little more nervy adventure should visit the ancient Ashford Castle that dates back to the 13th century.

The 350-acre property has enough room to accommodate various honeymoon activities. Riding horses and playing golf are the favorite activities for many couples. They will also teach you falconry as they offer learning opportunities at the first school of falconry in the country. Your busy day culminates with a d’hote meal on a five-course table that is candle lit. You can then relax in a lakeside cottage or one of the castle suites.

What activities have inspired you? Got anymore honeymoon activities that would inspire us? Be sure to drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.